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Student Field Trips to UAMS

The Student Field Trips to UAMS offer students and teachers a unique educational opportunity. The field trip experience to UAMS includes special lectures on important topics. The field trip consumes about 3 hours on campus and usually includes feeding lunch to the students. Below is a listing of the different topics presented from 1998 through 2005.

Kids and Drugs: How Much Do You Really Know?
Kids and Depression: How Much Do You Really Know?
Inside the Darkside - Inside the Tobacco Industry
Microbes Hunters: Tracking Infectious Agents*
Emerging Infections: How Epidemics Arise*
The Microbes Strike Back*
Outwitting Bacteria's Wily Ways*
Biology in Four Dimensions*
The Mammalian Timekeeper*
Unwinding Clock Genetics*
PERfect TIMing*
Behavior of Cancer Cells - Can It Be Changed?
Regulation of Gene Transcription During Development
DNA Methylation
Tumor Markers, Metastasis, Proteases and Gene Expression
Biotin Nutrition
Club and Recreational Drugs: Information You Need to Know
Anatomy of the Human Heart
Congenital Heart Defects

*Howard Hughes Medical Institute Holiday Lecture Series

The data below summarizes participation in the Partners in Health Sciences Student Field Trips program to UAMS:

Summary of Student Field Trips to UAMS

Course Days
Total Number of Student Hours of Instruction Consumed
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