leftside.gif (54 bytes) Interactive Television (ITV) Outreach for Grade 7-14 Students

The Partners in Health Sciences program has a way to communicate with students during the regular academic year. We do this by using interactive television (ITV) communication technology that is live two-way audio, two-way video in real time. The UAMS Telemedicine network connects UAMS with distant sites throughout the state. In addition, we sometimes "connect" to high schools in other states and countries, e.g. in the past we have involved students in: (Montana, West Virginia, Florida, California, Louisiana, New York, Texas and Taiwan. To keep each session highly interactive, the number of sites on-line for each broadcast is limited to about 5. Therefore, usually each topic will be broadcast several different times in a semester so that many different groups can have the opportunity to "interactively" participate. The ITV program began in the fall of 1994. Below is a listing of the different ITV programs offered from 1994 through 2005.

A Day in the Life of a Genetic Counselor
Alcohol and Head Trauma
Anatomy and Pathology of the Skin
Anatomy of the Human Brain
Anatomy of the Human Heart
Asthma: A Major Allergic Emergency
Asthma: Why We Should All Learn About Asthma and How to Control It
Behavior of Cancer Cells - Can It Be Changed?
Cardiac Physiology
Cell Cycle and Mitosis
Chemistry of Some Anti-Cancer Drugs
Clinical Chemotherapy of Cancer
Club and Recreational Drugs: Information You Need to Know
Congenital Heart Defects
Depression in the Classroom
Diseases of the Close Kind (STDs)
Gametogenesis, Fertilization; and Cancer Biology
Genes and Cancer
Genetic Engineering (Insects)
Inside the Darkside of the Tobacco Industry
Interview of Course Faculty by ASMS Students
Keeping the Beat: How to Treat Heart Disease
Kids & Drugs: How Much Do You Really Know?
Kids and Depression
Making Cancer Cells Behave
Medical Biology of the Skin
Molecular Biology of Muscular Dystrophy
Muscular Dystrophy: Can We Repair Muscle Defects with Gene Therapy?
Return of the Swallows and Other Hard to Stomach Tales
TB or not TB: A Biotech Question
Testing Anti-Cancer Drugs in Vitro
The Crooked Cell: Sickle Cell Anemia
The Effects of Tobacco on the Structures of the Head and Neck - A Live Demonstration
The Endocrine-Nervous System Partnership: How Our Bodies Integrate Responses to Our Environment
The Functional and Dysfunctional Brain
Tumors of the Reproductive Organs: Male Compared to Female
Uncle Joe Wants You: The Tobacco Industry and Teens
What Students Need to Know About the Role of Diet in the Prevention of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancers

The data below summarizes participation in the Partners in Health Sciences Interactive Television (ITV) program:

Summary: Interactive Television Outreach for Grade 7-14 Students

Sessions (1.5 hrs)                                                              149
Faculty                                                                                33
Topics                                                                                 39
Student Contacts (Rural = 69; Urban 31%)                         9,596
Total Number of Student Hours of Instruction Consumed    14,394

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