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Physically moving program faculty from the medical sciences campus to schools/community settings through out the state consumes a significant amount of faculty time for roundtrip travel as well as program presentation. The most efficient way to deal with this situation is to use telecommunication technology. However, sometimes the needs of the local schools/communities can not be adequately met using telecommunication technology and the physical presence of a faculty presenter is necessary, especially when the topic is "sensitive". To satisfy this special need PIHS programs have been presented to students, teachers or PTA groups at schools or other community locations. The special nature of the community need for these "in person" or "live" presentations can be appreciated by the topic presented. Below is a listing of the different topics presented from 2001 through 2012.

Aspects of Managing Life-Threatening Illness and Its Impact on the Family
Behavior of Cancer Cells - Can It Be Changed?
Biology of Cancer
Congenital Heart Defects
Club and Recreational Drugs: Information You Need to Know
Healthy Human Hearts and Lungs
Heart, Cancer Biology and Lung
Play Acting the Functional Anatomy of the Heart
Safety for Kids and Porn on the Internet
Testicular Cancer

The data below summarizes participation in the Partners in Health Sciences Community Requested Presentations program:

Summary of Community Requested Presentations by Program Faculty

Lecture Days
Total Number of Participant Hours of Instruction Consumed
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