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The Computer Assisted Instructional (CAI) workshop offers teachers the opportunity to learn how to design and create grade-appropriate, interactive modules covering a health science-related topic. In the workshop the teacher utilizes "Authorware" as the authoring program. Five highly motivated teachers are selected and offered the opportunity to participate in a 5-day workshop to learn how to use the authoring software. Two workshops are held annually. Below is a listing of the different CAI modules completed from 1997 through 2002.

A Mole in Chemistry?
A Problem with Nerve Conduction
Alcohol and It's Effects on Body Organs
Analyzing Graphics and Visuals: Using the OPTIC Strategy
Articulations: Anatomy & Physiology
Artificial Intelligence
Basic Chemical Reactions
Biological Weapons: An Overview
Blood Pressure
Can HIV Be Stopped?
Cell Organelles
Cellular Respiration
Chemistry Lab Equipment: Names & Uses
Classification: Three Domain System
Common Sense? Technology in Medical Diagnosis
Data Confusing? Then Record It and Graph It!
Depression in the Classroom
DNA: Basic Replication
DNA: Morse Code for Life
Energy Transfer and Fertilization
Flowers, Fruits and Seeds
Genetics: Chromosomes and Karyotyping
Genetics: Punett Squares
Hand-washing for Health
Heart Smart: A General Heart and Blood Tutorial
Histology: General
Histology: Muscle Tissue
Hormones and the Endocrine System
Human Pedigree Analysis
Inherited What? (Pedigree Study)
Ionic Compounds: Naming and Writing Formulas
Levers and the Human Body
Lighthouse: Then and Now
Meal Worm Respiration
Osmoregulation and Excretion in Mammals
Osmotic Solutions
Parts of the Brain and Brain Disorders
Priest, Poet, Traveler...A Surgeon's Metaphors for His Profession
Protein Structure
Recombinant DNA Technology
Science Fair Projects
So Let the Sun - Shine In? (Skin Cancer)
Test Your Lifestyle
The Cell Cycle
The Earth Around Us
The Knee: Anatomy and Injuries
The Normal Distribution
The Six Kingdom System of Classification
Trashing of America
U.S. Space Program
Viral Diseases of the Skin
Welcome to the Mysterious World of Germs
What Goes Around, Comes Around: A Feeding Frenzy in the Ecosystem
What's Bugging You? (Parasites)
What's the Matter? Classification of Matter
Which Box Do You Want to Hit You in the Head: Density in the Real World

The data below summarizes participation in the Partners in Health Sciences Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) authoring workshops for teachers:

Summary: Computer Assisted Instruction Authoring Workshops For Teachers

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